Q. Isn't dry cleaning bad for the environment?

As a proud member of the Ontario Fabricare Association, and a Certified Environmental Cleaner, Cotty's Cleaners is proud of our commitment to environmental protection. OFA works with federal and provincial levels of government to develop high standards for environmentally sound practices to protect our industry's employees, our neighbourhoods, and ultimately, our planet. Our industry must adhere to the joint federal and provincial Environmental Rules and Regulations and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, as well as waste management and occupational health and safety legislation.

The use of solvents in the dry cleaning process has always been a concern for customers and for industry professionals alike. The dry cleaning machine is sealed to prevent solvent from escaping. Solvent is filtered, distilled and recycled. The remaining “sludge” is then removed to a recycler using a provincially licensed carrier.

The Certified Environmental Cleaner program was designed to educate dry cleaners in environmental safety. All Ontario Fabricare Association (OFA) members are Certified Environmental Cleaners.

Some of these practices include ensuring that solvents are recaptured and re-used, and that hangers, plastic and dry cleaning paper are recycled. As a group, OFA members are committed to finding new ways to improve the process, to meet the concerns of their customers and doing their part to make our world a healthier place.